Conversation Circle

Cercle de conversationIf you don’t get the opportunity to speak French or if you are taking courses and feel the need to speak more, this meetup is for you. Fluent speakers are welcome too.

As usual, our meetups open to anyone wanting to speak French.


This meetup is free, however we recommend that you purchase something in the café. Please support them !
You can also support us by becoming a member of the association.

To know where and when we meet, join and visit
Please confirm your attendance on meetup and spread the word !

For more information contact xavier/afkw/org.

If you are not currently taking French courses and would love to have some homework here are great links.
If you like interactivity, you can register for the learning program from TV5 Monde.
If you like podcasts, you can listen to the daily news in easy French from Radio France Internationale (script available ). They also have audio exercises.
To help pronunciation, Acapela is a great ressource.
Another interesting website is, it’s about grammar, phonetics, dictations and more.
Yabla French immersion video is a video based system tailored for language learners. ($) is aimed at a young audience
Brainpop is a fun website aimed at kids ;-).
Le point du FLE Learn French.
Duolingo is an addictive learning platform that will allow you to learn in your native language.
Memrise is offering over 200 language high quality courses.
La conjugaison
the website of the Nouvel Observateur offers exercices and the list of rules of French.
Les expressions

expressio  is a website that explains french expressions and gives an equivalent in other languages